Mawddach Pet Services

First Aid trained and fully insured Dog Walker based in Barmouth


Longer walks for those breeds that need a little bit extra.

 Owners of working breeds such as Spaniels, Collies, Pointers, etc will know they have huge amounts of energy and often need more stimulation and exercise than other breeds.

One a month we will be holding an "Adventure Saturday" which will be a 90 minute dog walk (any travelling time is not included in the 90 minutes) in a group of no more than 4 dogs.

Your dog will get a mix of on-lead and off-lead time (if consent has been given), stimulation, and the chance to socialise with up to 3 other dogs.

These walks will make use of the countryside available nearby from local woodland to the local hills. So we will avoid places such as beaches etc that may be busy during the summer months. 

Enjoying off lead time.
Enjoying off lead time.


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